Drugs and what we eat

22 junho 2013, Comentários 0

supermarketTo begin with, I should say that I don´t have any academic studies about the subject. I have no experience with drugs, that is, illicit drugs. Considering the subject, it would make no difference. There is alcohol, sugar, pain killers, sleeping pills and so on. When we think that we are drug free or “clean” per say, does it really mean that we are free from any addictions or that we are not stagnate as people who do drugs?

We also have supermarkets which sell products with labels showing approval by the FDA, because, to them, medicine is also considered food. They also consider food products that do not nurture the body, which we call “junk food” for a good reason. I´m sure everybody knows where to find soft drinks in the last grocery store they went to. Grocery stores dedicate whole aisles to soft drinks. This area is huge! But have you ever noticed where the brown rice or the oatmeal is?

What do we buy? What do we really need? Do we eat what is really good for our body? Are we getting healthier or we are only getting intoxicated? We are an overweight growing population. Bulimic and anorexic people are also statistically growing. Why we are like that? Would it be because we don’t learn how to eat? Do we know when we use food as food and when we use food as entertainment?

How numb are we allowing ourselves to become? I realize how the media wants to manipulate us. Well, nobody forces us to watch commercials, or to read adds or to listen to them on the radio. How much longer are we are going to allow ourselves to remain like zombies at the store, buying stuff that just clogs and intoxicates our bodies, and yet does not feed us? Have you noticed that today people say “I am full” and not “I am satisfied”?

Is it possible to throw a party without soft drinks? Is it possible to sing “happy birthday to you” without any industrialized drinks around? What is happening? Is the society imposing what we should drink e how we should behave? Don’t we have the power to choose? Where did that power to change the world go? Where is that power we believed in so passionately when we were in our teenage years?

As parents, don’t we have the ability to show our kids how to make a better or more informed decision over this or that brand? We believe that being ourselves is not enough. Being happy with what you have is not enough anymore. The frustration is huge when we cannot be as “cool” as what the media tells us to be. The same frustration when the message that comes from the outside clashes with the message that comes from within, and the only thing that is left is to open the fridge and get lost in it. Then, the question is: are we really free of addictions?

It is necessary to reflect about what we consume and the reason why we consume it.

Falling into society label traps surely don´t give us much satisfaction as far as loving and taking good care of ourselves or our beloved ones go.

Translated by Poliana Miranda

Regiana Miranda

Professora de artes e trabalhos manuais e co-fundadora do Liceu Rudolf Steiner de educação para a autonomia de crianças, adolescentes, adultos e idosos. Regiana acredita no amor como fonte transformadora da vida e inspira pessoas a se tornarem mais conscientes do seu próprio amor para viverem mais felizes e de forma mais autêntica.