A Child is Born

31 agosto 2013, Comentários 0
criança na praiaWhen a child is born, suddenly a bond is made between Heaven and Earth. An orchestration you cannot track no matter how much effort you make – so precise, so exact. How many whens, how many whos, how many wheres so well arranged. We are never aware of the steps that brought us to a child’s birth, precisely this child, a child who will gently turn our lives upside down and give it meaning.

Thus, a person comes to Earth. A human being, one of us. Just as we did – only we have been here longer. What is the news she brings? What will she think of this world? What will she do here?

But it’s still too early. She will come in a frail, soft, vulnerable, and still compact body. Looking at her we suspect she does not fit into the little body we see. Perhaps she is greater than that. Perhaps she’s really all around, mixed in the things that surround her, even within us. By this time we discover that there is no point in dressing up, wearing makeup, fixing eyelashes, or matching lipstick to an outfit . We find that having a big car and a beautiful girlfriend does not matter. The contour and the facade does not matter to her. She cannot see what covers us, she does not live on the appearance of things. At this point we realize that the child is able to sense what we feel and what we think. She goes even further: she realizes who we really are and what we are doing here.

From then on you start to strive to pass this test. There is no use in choosing clothes, now you have got to choose the right thought and the feeling that best matches this moment. Now you cannot be carried away by emotions; you have to be a good example of authority upon yourself before the child who is watching you.

The most poignant is that she does not ever judge us. She atends to our battle in life without ever having a look of disapproval or criticism. You know whether you’re vain or jealous. You know if you hate or have prejudice against others. You know whether you are cheating, but until now you didn’t care because “this is what life is all about” and ” nobody’s perfect “.

But now she looks confidently at you. You acknowledge this child’s purity. She does not ask you to change anything, but you can not be who you were before!

In her fragility, she requires us to care: she needs to eat and sleep, she must learn to master her body. And she knows us in detail: she mimics our steps and words. Suddenly we are thrown by the way she looks at us, we face our worst habits – lack of rythm, lack of standards, lack of love. We hear the words of our mouth acidic against people, we are constantly eating badly. We are hypocrites, greedy , envious. Suddenly we realize that we are moralists and demand of all people around the world much more than we ourselves are able to do.

No, the child did not tell us anything, she reflects like a mirror, she learns to deal with our world through our footsteps which makes it so important for us to know where to go now. Immorality no longer fits, no more self-indulgence. The inner work is the call, and it is for the child, so that she can have at least a glimpse of commitment to the truth, and the good.

At the end of the day she sleeps in our arms. She rests in absolute confidence. We are the target of her boundless love. She imitates us devoutly. So we become better in fact. To make her path a better one than ours.

Deriana Miranda

Professora há 28 anos, 15 como professora Waldorf, Deriana Miranda é licenciada em Educação Artística Artes Plásticas - FAP, Licenciada e Bacharel em Letras Português/Inglês – UFPR e Especialista em Meio Ambiente, Educação e Desenvolvimento – UFPR. Cursou o Seminário de Pedagogia Waldorf - FEWB, frequentou o Curso Livre de Ciências Naturais e Humanas: Pesquisa e desenvolvimento da Epistemologia e Prática da Pedagogia Waldorf – FEWB, e é co-fundadora do Liceu Rudolf Steiner – empreendimento social fundamentado na Pedagogia Waldorf e do Jardim Limão Rosa, uma iniciativa Waldorf, no qual é atualmente professora.